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Recon Construction Services, Inc. is a specialized highway construction contractor based in York, PA. Recon provides services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region including Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Ohio. Our services include Cold In-Place Recycling, Full Depth Reclamation, Soil Stabilization, Asphalt Milling/Carbide Grinding and Roadway Widening. We also utilize Liquid Calcium Chloride for Base Stabilization along with Dust Control and Winter De-icing.

Learn how Recon Construction Services, Inc. has been involved in the Asphalt Recycling Industry since 1977 and why “Asphalt Pavement” is unquestionably the nation’s most widely recycled material.


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Recon's Evolution

Asphalt Milling /Cold Planing

In 1977, Recon, a Division of G.A. & F.C. Wagman, Inc. was established to perform asphalt milling/cold planing to support the company’s rehabilitation projects. Recon also offered asphalt milling services to other company’s in the region. This method rapidly became very cost effective by removing the existing asphalt pavement from deteriorated highways along with creating a reusable material referred to as Millings or R.A.P. (Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement).

In 1983, Recon performed the company’s first Cold in Place Recycling project followed by another project in 1984. At the time, many local municipalities were looking to upgrade their country (farm to market) roadways. Many of these roadways lacked the required material to recycle, with little or no subbase and very poor subgrade soils. Unfortunately, with limited success on these type of roadway projects, many municipalities continued to do what they have done in the past year . A leveling course with an overlay on top of the existing roadway was still a fairly cheap repair, thus causing a very slow growth for the Cold in Place process.

Full Depth Reclamation

During 1988, Recon was first introduced to Full Depth Reclamation (FDR). This rehabilitation technique is performed with a Road Reclaimer that is able to pulverize and mix the existing asphalt pavement along with a portion of the underlying materials, resulting in a stabilized base course. Increased strength could be obtained by adding additional aggregates and the use of other stabilizing additives.

The Full Depth Reclamation process quickly became the best rehabilitation technique to rebuild and recycle the farm to market roadway’s. The FDR process is a very cost effective technique that allows several options to recycling the existing roadway pavement “In Place” while increasing the structural values of the roadway’s base. Full Depth Reclamation has become the fastest growing rehabilitation technique that is being specified by pavement engineers around the world.

Carbide Grinding / Micro Milling

Throughout the ‘90s, Asphalt Milling / Cold Planing became the preferred method for removing the existing asphalt from the roadway’s across the nation. With roadways open to traffic on the milled surface, many D.O.T. officials started requesting a smoother, improved riding surface for the public to drive on until the roadway was paved.

Several manufactures redesigned the cutter mandrels equipped with significantly more cutting teeth in order to produce a much finer-textured surface which came to be known as Carbide Grinding or Micro Milling. Recon worked closely with several of the D.O.T. agencies to accomplish their required specification for many of the major highway projects.

For over 23 years, the Recon Division of G.A. & F.C. Wagman Inc. continued to be a major part of the industry. In February 2000 Recon Construction Services, Inc. was established offering all the previous services, as well as expanding its services with the advancing technology in the Asphalt Recycling Industry.

Soil Stabilization

In 2003, Recon Construction Services, Inc. expanded its services to include Soil Stabilization. This process is a long term physical and chemical alteration of the existing soils to enhance their physical and engineered properties. The stabilization process typically utilizes Portland and Lime additives to improve the soil conditions. Some of the benefits of the stabilization include: soil drying, higher strength values, reduction in plasticity, lower permeability, improved compaction, eliminating the removal of poor soils and potential reduction of pavement thickness. It is important in any stabilization work that the materials are thoroughly examined by a qualified Geotechnical Engineer to determine of the proper stabilizing additives along with the required percentage of product needed to stabilize the materials.

Cold in Place Recycling

With a shrinking highway budget combined with skyrocketing asphalt prices, many agencies have to look for cost effective solutions to maintain their highway programs. Combined with the continuing improvements to the recycling equipment along with much improved asphalt emulsion additives, Recon Construction Services, Inc. committed to re-enter the Cold in Place Recycling market in 2009. Unlike the early 80’s, many of the agencies can no longer afford to just overlay the existing problems to get a short lived result. THE OLD WAY OF THINKING IS CHANGING. The Cold in Place process can be a cost effective process to successfully rehabilitate your highways.

Recon Construction Services, Inc. is committed and will continue to offer all recycling techniques for those looking for better cost saving options. Check out some of our projects and learn about the benefits you will gain by using Recon, or call us today to share ideas concerning your construction needs.