Marcellus Shale Industry

Well Pad Construction

Average size well pad, 400 feet x 350 feet = 15,000 square yards, could require 400 plus loads of stone. To build that same pad by chemically stabilizing the soils would require approximately 20 loads of product depending on the strength requirements. The need for an appropriate riding surface will be required.

Benefits :

  • Reduce the damage to adjacent roadways by reducing the number of trucks required to construct
  • Reduce some of the need for imported aggregates
  • Utilize existing soils on site to reduce excavating excessive soils
  • Design your pad to the desired strength
  • Expedite your construction schedules
  • Eliminate costly fuel consumption for trucking
    Roadways & Access Roads


  • Utilize existing materials already paid for in your roadway
  • Improve the load bearing capacity
  • Eliminate costly full depth base repairs
  • Eliminate the need for importing aggregates
  • Re-establish proper roadway profile
  • Improve the drainage of the roadway
  • Design your roadway to the desired strengths along with reducing the freeze thaw cycles