Full Depth Reclamation

Experts in Full Depth Reclamation

Full Depth Reclamation is a pavement rehabilitation technique in which the full thickness of the asphalt pavement and a predetermined portion of the underlying materials including the base, sub-base, and/or sub-grade, is uniformly pulverized and blended into an upgraded, homogeneous base material. Further stabilization may be enhanced through the use of available additives. 

Treatment depths may vary depending on the thickness of the existing pavement structure but generally range between 6 to 12 inches. Full Depth Reclamation is used when the roadway show signs of movement or pumping of sub-soils through to the surface of the asphalt materials, when the soils are migrating to the surface. 

Full Depth Reclamation is generally broken down into three primary disciplines including Mechanical Stabilization, Calcium Chloride Stabilization, and Chemical Stabilization


Full Depth Reclamation offers many benefits over traditional full depth reconstruction:

  • 40:1 reduction in hauling due to reuse of materials
  • The crown and cross slope can easily be reshaped, and freeze-thaw cycles can be reduced.
  • This process also helps eliminate reflective cracking, potholes, bumps, rutting and enhances the structural value of the road.

Why Recycling & Reclamation?
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